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June 20, 2018--Stateline Speedway

Fast Time:  Clayton Wood timed in fastest with the time of 16.119.



TROPHY DASH WINNER--LoraLee Wilson, Harrington, WA

MAIN EVENT WINNER--Duncan Behar, Athol, ID


Duncan Behar took the Main Event win with Clayton Wood, 2nd, Frankie Voltz Sr., 3rd and Rick Rapp coming in 4th.


It was tough night of mechanical issues for the other cars that did not finish the race: 

LoraLee Wilson #77 electrical issue; Lonnie Wilson # 47 rear end; Eldon Wilson #7 no oil pressure; Aaron #54 blew motor.

May 16, 2018--Stateline Speedway

Seven cars showed to race but is was a tough night of breakdowns.  Lonnie Wilson #47 lost his fuel pump and LoraLee Wilson #77 blew a head gasket in the Main.  Eldon Wilson #7 never got to race due to blowing his motor when timing in.





Main Event Winner--Rick Rapp #19, Spokane, WA

2018 Northwest Early Stocks Race Schedule--

Moving to Wednesday Nights!


April 18th  --                   Stateline Idaho Speedway

May 16th  --                    Stateline Idaho Speedway

June 20th  --                    Stateline Idaho Speedway

July 11th--SATURDAY    Stateline Idaho Speedway "Annual CAN-AM Race"

July 18th  --                    Stateline Idaho Speedway

August 15th  --                Stateline Idaho Speedway

September 19th  --          Stateline Idaho Speedway


2018 Race Season Board of Directors:

Duncan Behar--President

Jerry Myers--Vice President

Janie Robideaux-O'Leary--Secretary/Treasurer

Frankie Volz Sr.--Board Member

Nita Volz--Board Member

Larry "PeeWee" Martin--Alternate Board Member

July 16 & 17, 2017--Wenatchee Super Oval

HOT, HOT, HOT weather again for our two-day race at the Wenatchee Super Oval for the "Thunder In the Valley All Open Wheel" event.  Northwest Early Stocks were again joined by our counterparts from Victoria BC and Roseburg, OR.


George Jenson (#25) from Victoria, BC brought in the fast time on both days--Saturday, 14.973 & Sunday, 14.968.


Saturday, July 15th Results:  "B" Dash--Rick Rapp (#19) Spokane, WA 1st place; "A" Dash--Chris Miller (#71j) Victoria, BC  1st place; "B" Heat--Mike Batman (#A-1) Roseburg, OR 1st place; "A" Heat--Harlan Cox (#56) Roseburg, OR 1st place. 


The "Main Event" was a SHOW STOPPER!  George Jenson (#25) from Victoria and Shawn Priest (#71) from Spokane really put on a show for the crowd both in the stands and in the pits while they fought back and forth for 1st place with Chris Miller (71j) right behind them waiting for his chance.  Jenson prevailed coming in first with Priest just behind placing 2nd place and Chris Miller 3rd place. Everyone definitely got their money's worth for that race!


Sunday, July 16th Results:  "B" Dash--Greg Hickman (#58) Roseburg, OR 1st place; "A" Dash--Chris Miller (71j) Victoria BC 1st place; Heat Race--Harlan Cox (#56) Roseburg, OR 1st place; Main Event--Harlan Cox (#56) Roseburg, OR 1st place.

July 8, 2017--Stateline Idaho

It was another "hot" day of racing at Stateline Idaho's FREEDOM 200 with the temperature in the high 90s as the Northwest Early Stocks hosted the CAN-AM show with our counterparts from Victoria, BC and Roseburg, OR!


Shawn Priest (#71) from Spokane, WA took the fast time clocking in with an impressive 15.147.

Lining up for the "B" Trophy Dash (pictured above) was Rick Rapp (#19) and Kevin Ostboe (#97) both from Spokane, WA; Clayton Wood (#69) from Potlatch, ID and Greg Hickman (#58) from Roseburg, OR. Our own Rick Rapp (#19) raced to the checkered flag for the 1st place trophy.

The "A" Dash race (pictured above) was a Canadian/Oregon dash rivalry!  Mike Batman (#A-1) and Harlan Cox (#56) both from Roseburg, OR and Kail Beck (#35) and George Jenson (#25) both from Victoria, BC. They raced a fast and furious four laps pleasing the crowd with going three wide several times thus forcing Jenson (#25) into the wall coming out of turn two in the second lap.  Taking him and Batman (#A-1) out of the race, Beck and Cox raced to the finish with Kail Beck (#35) taking the 1st place trophy.

The Main Event race (pictured above) proved to be a 30-lap crowd pleaser!  Kevin Ostboe (#97) had to leave the track after two laps with mechanical issues.  With 8 laps to go coming between turns one and two, Behar (#88) and Rapp (#19) tangled taking Rapp out of the race with significant damage to his car.  Racing kept going with a lot of bumper to bumper, wheel to wheel and passing with Shawn Priest (#71), Spokane, WA coming home to the checkered flag for 1st place, Harlan Cox (#56), Roseburg, OR taking 2nd place and Kail Beck (#35) Victoria, BC coming in 3rd (pictured below).

More photos from the CAN-AM race:

June 24, 2017--Stateline Idaho

The weather temperature was not the only thing "hot"!Stateline Speedway was "hot" with a huge night of racing with the "Open Wheel Extraganza"!  Racing in the open wheel event of the year were our Northwest Early Stocks, the WESCO Sprint Cars, the West Coast Vintage cars, AMCA Dwarf Bandits and the WMRA midget cars.



Rick Rapp (#19) was our fast time car clocking in at 16.124. Rick also won the "Heat Race".  Duncan Behar (#88) had a great night in his new car winning the "Trophy Dash" and the "Main Event".  


Two new drivers joined us; Steve Mayer drove the #71 filling in for Shawn Priest so he could drive the #41 car in the Vintage Class and Terry Bell made his first appearance in his #90 car.



2017 Northwest Early Stocks

Board of Directors Announced--

February 18, 2017



Shawn Priest--President

Jerry Meyers--Vice President

Janie Robideaux-O'Leary--Sec./Treas./Pit Boss

Frank Volz Sr.--Member

Nita Volz--Member

Duncan Behar--Alternate Member



July 16, 2016--Spokane Super Oval

Sweat, money, tears, blood, time, work, frustration and a lot of thought--this is what a racer is made of.  This all proved true at the July 16th race at Spokane Super Oval.  Rain in the afternoon threatened to cancel the races but after the skies cleared and the track dried we were good to go.  Unfortunately, the double rainbow did not bring any luck to the Northwest Early Stocks.


We had a line-up of seven cars arrive to race but lost #71 Shawn Priest due to mechanical issues while hot lapping thus the car was trailered.  Six cars timed in with Clayton Wood #69 having the fast time of 22.890.  Although able to time in, #97 Kevin Ostboe came back to the pits with a smoking car causing him to be done for the day.


Lining up for the trophy dash was Rick Rapp #19, Clayton Wood #69 and two rookie drivers Jacob Martin #1 and Blake Hinton in the #88.  The race came to quick stop with #88 hitting the front wall at turn one and the #1 hitting the wall out of turn two.  After cleanup on the track with both drivers okay but not the case with both cars, Gil Rapp Jr. driving the #52 car for the day, came on the track to finish the race with #19 & #69.  Unfortunately, #52 left the track with mechanical issues.  All was not lost with the #69 and #19 giving a great "shootout" race side-by-side with #19 Rick Rapp slipping by #69 just as the checkered flag was dropped for the win.


With most of our cars out, it was decided to call it a day.  Well folks...that's racing! 




CANAM RACE--Northwest Early Stocks traveled to Yakima, WA to the Yakima Speedway half-mile track to meet up with our Canadian and Oregon counterparts for the 4th of July race.  There were a total of 12 cars that gave the Yakima race fans a great show of 'old time racing'.  Canadian driver George Jenson #25, placed 1st in the 'A" Dash; Canadian driver Roger Beck #42, placed first in the 'B' Dash and Early Stocks driver Kevin Ostboe #97 brought in the win for 1st for the 'C' Dash. 


The 40 lap Main Event was an exciting race with no incidents, just three cars unable to finish due to mechanical reasons.  First place winner was Canadian driver George Jenson #25, second place went to Canadian driver Kail Beck #35 with third place going to Oregon driver Troy Greene #30.


We always have a great time racing with our Canadian and Oregon friends and look forward to meeting again next year race! 

June 11, 2016

Tribute Race Held at Spokane Super Oval--five cars exhibited in the stands at turn four to promote the Northwest Early Stocks Club and pay tribute former race tracks and drivers in the Spokane area.  Keepsake programs were handed out that had the history and photos of the area race tracks, cars and drivers that dated back to 1939! 


During intermission the cars raced a tribute race with Shawn Priest coming in first in the #1 two seated car with passenger Phyliss Rapp Christiansen from Anchorage, Alaska visiting for the tribute race.  Shawn Priest in the #1 car drove paying tribute to his grandpa Jay Robideaux, owner of the #1 car who started his racing career at Natatorium Park in 1939.  Rick Rapp drove his #19 car paying tribute to his dad Dick Rapp (deceased July 1991), who began racing at age 17 and raced at several of the area race tracks.  Gil Rapp Jr. drove his #17 car paying tribute to his dad Gil Rapp Sr. a driver and Board member of the Early Stocks whom we lost to cancer in October 2013.  Terry Armstrong Jr. brought his early stock car #20 to pay tribute to his dad who passed away last October 2015.  Although the car was not race ready, he drove around the track a few times to pay tribute to his dad. 

May 28, 2016

FIRST RACE DAY OF THE 2016 SEASON!  Weather was on the cool side at Spokane Super Oval (mid 60s) as was our showing of cars due to the Memorial Weekend.  Five cars showed but unfortunately two of those had mechanical problems.  Shawn Priest, driving the "two seater" car #1 owned by his grandpa Jay Robideaux, had the fast time of 22.378.  Co-piloting with Shawn was his oldest daughter Mackenzie Priest her first time ever ride in a race car.


Although the car count was low, they were mighty and gave the crowd a great show with bumper to bumper racing.  The trophy dash win went to Rick Rapp #19.  Heat race was won by Clayton Wood #69.  Shawn Priest with co-pilot Mackenzie came out of turn 4 on the last lap to the checkered flag to pass Rick Rapp #19 for an exciting, crowd pleasing win! 


It was an unseasonably warm day for mid-April at Spokane Super Oval at the "Racer's Jamboree" which made it a great day for drivers to try out their cars after a long winter of no racing!  NWES had two cars attend:  Shawn Priest in #71 (timed in @ 21.679) and Rick Rapp in #19 (timed in @ 22.558).  Both cars ran very well and are ready to race hard at our first official 2016 season race at Spokane Super Oval on May 28th!

2016 Race Schedule

APRIL 17TH--Racer's Jamboree @ Spokane Super Oval

MAY 28TH--@ Spokane Super Oval

JUNE 11TH--@ Spokane Super Oval--Early Stocks Tribute Race

JULY 4TH--@ Yakima Speedway--"CANAM" Race

JULY 16TH--@ Spokane Super Oval

AUGUST 12th & 13th--@ Western Speedway, Victoria, Canada "Daffodil Cup"

SEPTEMBER 3RD--@ Spokane Super Oval

SEPTEMBER 24TH--@ Spokane Super Oval


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Harvester Restaurant, Spangle, WA

Club President Shawn Priest addressing the membership
Club President Shawn Priest addressing the membership


Newcomer of the Year--DENNIS OLIVER #98

Sportsman of the Year--SHAWN PRIEST #71 & #1

Best Looking Car--#1, JAY ROBIDEAUX, OWNER

Extra Mile Award--JERRY MYERS#61

Hard Luck Award--GIL RAPP JR. #17

Most Improved Driver--RICK RAPP #19

Mechanic of the Year--RICK RAPP #19

Favorite Fan of the Year--JOANN WOOD



A "Celebration of Life" was held today at the Spokane County Super Oval in Airway Heights, WA for Terry R. Armstrong Sr. (Age 62).

Terry passed away peacefully at home on October 1, 2015.  A truck driver in trade, Terry's first love was stock car racing.  He started racing in the early 1970s in a car built by a friend.  In 1976, he built his own car.  Terry raced at many different tracks in the Northwest.  Not only was Terry involved with stock car racing, he was also involved in all forms of motorsports.  He was also the Pit Boss at Stateline Speedway in the 90s and again in 2015 for Spokane Super Oval.  Terry became a member of the Northwest Early Stocks in March of 1993 and was a member up until four years ago with his last car #20. No longer a member, Terry remained a fan of the Early Stocks and watched us race whenever he could. 

Terry is survived by his wife Linda of 39 years, sons Brian Armstrong and Terry Armstrong Jr. & daughter-in-law Mindy Armstrong, grandson Brenden and granddaughter Jordynn.

Saturday, August 15th--our last "scheduled" race for the 2015 race season was held at Stateline Speedway, Idaho with a small, but mighty lineup of seven cars. 


Rick Rapp celebrated having fast time for the first time in his 30+ years of racing with the time of 15.833!


A "first" for us was that we raced a Dash/Heat race combination with all seven cars with Gil Rapp Jr. leading the pack to the finish and a trophy.


Although there were only seven cars, they put on an exciting 20-lap Main Event for the crowd.  With spin outs during the race by #61 Jerry Meyers, #98 Dennis Oliver and #69 Clayton Wood and a wreck with all three later in the race that put #61 Jerry Meyers into the front stretch wall; it kept the crowd on their feet.


The last four laps of the race proved to be just as exciting even with only four cars left on the track. #1 Shawn Priest lead the race to finish 1st place (driving his grandpa Jay Robideaux's car) with #19 Rick Rapp in close pursuit coming in a very close 2nd place followed by #69 Clayton Wood and #97 Kevin Ostboe.



Our next scheduled race--AUGUSTS 1, 2015 at Spokane County Raceway Super Oval has been cancelled.  This is due to the conflict of the Idaho 200 at the Stateline Speedway the same weekend.  We are working on rescheduling. 

Watch this website for rescheduled date.  In the meantime, mark your calendar for August 15th at Stateline Speedway to see us race there!


Saturday, July 11th--Northwest Early Stocks traveled to the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval along with the OTRA cars from Canada and Oregon (19 cars in all) to race together for the second week in a row (July 3rd was @ Stateline Speedway in Idaho).

Although our Shawn Priest had fast time in his #71 Buick Special, the Canadians went home with all the wins.  James Campbell #1 placed 1st in the 'A' Dash; Jens Madson #56 was 1st in the 'B" Heat; James Miller # 71j took 1st in the 'A" Heat and Kail Beck won the Main Event.


Saturday, July 3rd--the Northwest Early Stocks hosted Old Time Racing Association (OTRA) cars from British Columbia and Roseburg, OR for a great day of racing and the "2nd Annual Gil Rapp Sr. Memorial Race".

The temperature was again over 100 degrees but it did not stop the competition on the track.  The crowd cheered to wheel rubbing, spin outs and a couple of minor wrecks but all the cars finished the night in one piece with just a few bruises.  Shawn Priest wowed everyone with a fast time of 14.930!  The two trophy dashes were a Canadian family affair with #42 Roger Beck winning the 'A' Dash and his son #35 Kail Beck winning the 'B' Dash. 

The Main Event was the big thriller bringing the crowd out of their seats to watch #09 Joe Dardengo, also from Canada to the win with #71 Shawn Priest close behind fighting to the end to take that win after working his way up from behind twice to finish a very close second.


Saturday, June 27th--Weather wasn't the only "HOT" item of the day at the all "open wheel race event" and the Ed Sneva Memorial at Stateline Speedway!


Rick Rapp #19 raced a clean sweep winning the Dash, Heat and Main Event races!  He fell short in qualifying by coming in second to his nephew Gil Rapp Jr. who had fast time.


The 105+ degree weather did not stop the fans, drivers and crew from enjoying a great day of open wheel racing.



JUNE 6, 2015

Saturday, June 6th--it was a small turnout of five cars but they put on a great show for the crowd at our first race of the season at Stateline Speedway since being rained out on May 16th.


Car #17 Gil Rapp Jr. and car #71 Shawn Priest spent the whole evening racing hard against each other in all three races to win making it an exciting night of racing.


Shawn Priest had fast time for the night.  Gil Rapp Jr. placed first in the Dash with Shawn Priest coming in a close 2nd.  It was Shawn's turn to come in first in the Heat race with Gil Rapp Jr. coming in with a close 2nd.


The Main Event proved to be just as exciting with both Rapp and Priest neck and neck with Priest passing Rapp at the end to place 1st giving Rapp a 2nd place finish!


Great racing the whole night!





MAY 30, 2015

Saturday, May 30th--we had a showing of eight cars returning to Spokane County Raceway for our second race of the season.  Drivers were excited to be back at the half-mile after no races being held there last race season.


Shawn Priest #71 continued his great start to the season by having fast time and taking first place in the Dash and Heat race.  He unfortunately had a DNF after losing his steering in the Main but fortunately was able to bring it in without incident.

Rick Rapp #19 won his first Main Event since racing with the Early Stocks receiving congratulations from all of the drivers and crew in the pits!

Rick received his trophy from the Northwest Early Stocks Association founder and flagman, Frank Volz Sr.


MAY 16, 2015




Saturday, May 2nd--Eight cars showed for the first race of the season at Ephrata Raceway Park.  Shawn Priest #71 from Spokane, WA had a great start for the 2015 race season with fast time and winning both the Dash and the Main Event.


Rick Rapp #19, also from Spokane, pushed Shawn all night having 2nd fast time and winning the Heat race.  They were racing hard for the win in the Main until Rapp ran out of fuel giving him a disappointing DNF.


The night didn't go very well for Clayton Wood #69 from Lewiston, ID losing his clutch in hot lapping before any racing began and Gil Rapp Jr. of Spokane, WA fighting a distributor problem all night and unable to finish a race. 


The evening ended with a terrific display of fireworks.  Many thanks to the crew at Ephrata Raceway for a great start to the 2015 race season!



Click on "schedule" to see where and

when we will be racing during the 2015 season!


Northwest Early Stocks Board of Directors

2015 Race Season

  • Shawn Priest--President
  • Jerry Myers--Vice President
  • Janie Robideaux-O'Leary--Secretary/Treasurer
  • Gil Rapp Jr.--Board Member
  • Frank Volz Sr.--Board Member
  • Bill Robideaux--Alternate Board Member

Northwest Early Stocks 2014 Annual Meeting and Banquet

September 20, 2014

Harvester Restaurant, Spangle Restaurant


  • Kevin Ostboe #97--Most Improved Driver
  • Bill Robideaux #01--Sportsman of the Year
  • Larry Wood #69 owner--Mechanic of the Year
  • Kevin Ostboe #97--Newcomer of the Year
  • Clayton Wood #69--Extra Mile Award
  • Jay Robideaux #01 owner--Hard Luck Award
  • Shawn Priest #71--Best Looking Car
  • Beth Priest--Northwest Early Stock's "Favorite Fan of the Year"

August 16, 2014

Stateline Speedway

Nine cars showed for our final race of the season.

Gil Rapp Jr. #17 had fast time.  Gil and Shawn Priest driving the #01 car owned by his grandpa Jay Robideaux, gave the crowd a great Main Event show with Shawn bringing home the trophy for 1st place with Gil coming in 2nd close behind.

July 3, 2014 CAN-AM Invitational

Stateline Speedway

Twenty cars showed for the annual CAN-AM Invitational and 1st Annual "Gil Rapp Sr. Memorial" race.


Racing could not have been better with a great line up of cars to give the full house of fans a terrific showing of "old time racing".


Oregon's Mike Batman had a winning night with fast time and 1st place win in the Main Event.

 JUNE 28, 2014 CAN-AM

Wenatchee Valley's Super Oval


There were seventeen Canadian/American Early Stocks that showed for a super day of racing in Wenatchee!  Fast qualifier for the day was Canadian car #71 James Miller.  Washington driver Rick Rapp #19 had a great day with two wins--Trophy Dash #1 and Heat Race #1.  Oregon driver #55 Harlon Cox got a win in Heat Race #2.  Canadian car driver George Jenson #25 went home with two wins--Trophy Dash #2 and the Main Event race.

June 14, 2014


Another great night of racing at Ephrata Raceway.  Shawn Priest drove his #71 car to victory lane in the Main Event for the second time this season.  Great racing!

May 31, 2014


Ten cars were at the Stateline Speedway for the second race of the season.  Shawn Priest set the fast time, but it was his cousin Justin Robideaux taking the main event win.


May 10, 2014

Eleven drivers and their cars showed up for the first race of the 2014 season at Stateline Speedway.

It was a great show and a fine start for the year especially for #71 Shawn Priest.  Shawn had fast time and brought the #71 to the checkered flag for first place in the Main Event.

March 6, 2014


Just added!  New Vintage Photos section.

If you have some vintage photos you would like to have added, let us know and we will get them posted.


February 23, 2014

This is our first year without our friend, Gil Rapp, Sr.  Let's make this a good one for him!  It is a short schedule this year due to track adjustments.  Stick with us and let's see where we go from here. 



We are going to open a vintage photos page on our site, send vintage racing photos to nwes and we will get them posted.We are also interested in photos of car builds so if you are interested, send photos of builds start to finish



Keepsake programs are available.  If interested, contact Janie at 509-951-3393.  These programs have history and photos of the tracks, cars and drivers in the Spokane area dating back to 1939!



You will want to have one as a keepsake of racing at the old tracks in the Spokane Area!