For Sale

Cars for sale:

#25 call Justin at (509) 951-1867

#98 call Dennis at (208) 683-2152


Parts for sale:

Frame, engine, misc. parts call Shawn at (509) 979-7042

If you have a car or parts you would like listed, use the form at the bottom of the page or call Janie at 509-951-3393 and I'll get it on here ASAP.

Use this form to send me information about a car or parts you want listed.

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Keepsake programs are available.  If interested, contact Janie at 509-951-3393.  These programs have history and photos of the tracks, cars and drivers in the Spokane area dating back to 1939!



You will want to have one as a keepsake of racing at the old tracks in the Spokane Area!