2013 News

October 16, 2013

We are sorry to announce the passing of our great friend and fellow racer, Gil Rapp, Sr.  Gil passed away on October 15th after a brief battle with colon cancer.  The only thing more important to Gil than racing, was his family.  We will miss you friend, you left us much too early.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Rapp family.

2013 Main Event Winners

January 21, 2013 - The 2013 Schedule is now available. Click here!!!

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September 14, 2013


Three cars from the OTRO joined the NWES for a total car count of twelve.  It was a great open wheel event at the Hermiston Super Oval.  Mike Bateman took the A-1 around the track with a fast time of 17.05.  The 55 car driven by Harlan Cox won the trophy dash, and Bateman held off the 78 car driven by Justin Robideaux for the main event.  Heat races were won by  the 61 driven by Jerry Myers for the B Heat, and Justin Robideaux in the 78 for the A Heat.  Thanks to our friends from the OTRO, as well as all the folks in the NWES who traveled to Hermiston Super Oval to give the fans another fun night of racing!  Pictures will be posted soon.  Check out the complete results here.

August 24, 2013


Eleven cars from the NWES showed up at Stateline Speedway.  Due to a crash during hot laps, only ten cars would start the evenings events.  After crashing the 01 car, Shawn Priest stepped into the 25 car, and set the pace with a lap time of 15.375.  Gil Rapp, Jr. got another trophy during the dash.  Justin Robideaux held off Shawn Priest and Gil Rapp, Jr. during the main event.  It was an incredible night of racing!  Complete results are listed here.

August 3, 2013


The Northwest Early Stocks came to Stateline Speedway on Saturday with a ten car field.  It was the 19 car driven by Gil Rapp, Jr. who set the fast time of 15.496.  Rapp also had his first main event win of the season!  Shawn Priest took the trophy dash in the 01 car, with Ken Iverson showing everyone how to win a heat race.  The drivers really put on a good show for a large showing of fans.  Thanks to everyone for some really good clean racing!  Complete results are posted on our results page.

July 20, 2013


Another great night of racing.  Shawn Priest in the 01 was the fastest of the nine drivers who showed up with a time of 15.340.  Gil Rapp, Jr. added to his trophy shelf with his dash win.  Justin Robideaux took the 78 to victory lane in both the heat and main event.  Rick Rapp brought the newly completed 18 car to the track for its first time.  The 152 car was driven by Taylor Robideaux for the first time, as well.  Congratulations to Taylor for a great first race, and to everyone else.  It was a great night of clean racing.  Check the results page for complete results.


July 6, 2013


Saturday night had the strongest night of the year.  Twenty-three cars showed up, with the help of our friends from both the OTRA and the OTRO.  Bill Robideaux in the 25 car put in a fast lap of 15.342.  Unfortunately, he was not able to compete due to engine troubles.  The field was large enough to have three trophy dashes and heat races, as well as two main events.  The top four finishers from the B main advanced to the A main.  It was an all out race.  Mike Bateman in the A1 took home the trophy for the OTRO club, with Kail Beck from the OTRA taking second place.  Shawn Priest took third for the NWES in the 01 car.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the last two races such a great show!   

June 29, 2013


Twenty cars arrived at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval for the CAN/AM Invittational.  The day started out with serious rain showers, and qualifying was rained out.  WVSO promised racing at 6:00 PM, and racing started on time!  It was some of the best racing of the season.  Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to the OTRA and the OTRO for joining us for such great racing.  Complete results are posted on our results page.


June 15, 2013


A total of eight cars showed up at Spokane County Raceway, and put on a great show for the fans.  Shawn Priest set the pace with a fast time of 21.76, as well as placing first in both the heat race and main event.  T. J. Burke took home the trophy after winning the trophy dash.  Awesome racing, everyone!  Looking forward to Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, and seeing the OTRA folks again.  Check out the full results here.

June 1, 2013


First- thanks to all who showed up and put on one Hell of a show!  Justin Robideaux had enough to win the trophy dash, but Gil Rapp, Jr took the A heat race.  Clayton Wood won the B heat race.  In the main event, Robideaux, Rapp, and Shawn Priest had a real dog fight for first thru third.  Behind them, there was just as tough fight for fourth through seventh place between Wood, Rick Rapp, T. J. Burke, and Bill Robideaux.  Click here for the complete results.


May 18, 2013


The Northwest Early Stocks returned to Stateline Speedway with eight cars for a fun night of racing.  Gil Rapp, Jr. set the fast time with a lap of 15.645.  He also won the trophy dash.  Shawn Priest took the 01 car to victory lane for the first time this year.  Complete results are posted on the results page.  Our next race is June 1st at Stateline Speedway. 

May 4th 2013


The first of two races for 2013 at Spokane County Raceway saw eight cars show up from the Northwest Early Stocks.  We had a good night of racing with no accidents and good clean racing.  Justin Robideaux set fast time in the 78 car, Shawn Priest won the A dash, Clayton Woods won the B dash and Justin Robideaux continued his streak this year winning the heat race and main event.  Gil Rapp continued having some issues, and Mike and Bill Robideaux had issues in the main event which resulted in DNF's for both cars.  Even though we only had eight cars show, that was still more than the other classes that came out, so a big thanks to all who came out and showed what kind of racing the Early Stocks are capable of.  For further results check the results section.  Our next race is May 18th at Stateline Speedway  Hope to see everyone there!


April 20th, 2013


For the first race of 2013, ten cars braved the cold and wind to give the spectators at Stateline Speedway a taste of what to expect from the Northwest Early Stocks- hard racing and good clean fun.  Justin Robideaux continued where he left off last year, winning both the heat race as well as the main event.


Fast time for the event was set by Gil Rapp, Jr with a 15.553 lap.  Shawn Priest held on for the dash.  Complete results are posted on the results page.


Thanks to all who came out despite the weather, and made it a great start to a new year of racing. 



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