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2012 Main Event Winners

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Our Annual Meeting and Banquet will be held October 20, 2012 at the Harvester Restaurant in Spangle Washington. Board meeting 4pm, annual meeting 5pm, social hour 6pm and buffett dinner at 7pm. The cost of the dinner is $14.99 per person and will consist of two meats, beef and chicken, along with salads, potatoes, drinks and dessert. There will be awards and door prizes. Please contact LorLee Wilson in advance if you plan to attend so we can try to have an accurate count, allowing the employees of the restaurant to be prepared.

September 29, 2012


Two racers, Mike Batman and Harlan Cox, from the Oregon club, OTRA, joined us for the last race of the season, driving the car count to fifteen and helping make it a great night of racing to end the year on. 


Shawn Priest and Gil Rapp Jr.'s crew had big thrashes to make repairs during practice. They both got their cars together in time to run good and make the A Trophy Dash but it was Ken Iverson who set fast time. However, Justin Robideaux beat all three of them to take the A Dash win. Rick Rapp won the B Dash.


Eldon Wilson beat out six other cars to take the B Heat race checkers. Half of the drivers in the eight car A heat race were from the Robideaux family and Mike beat son Justin to the finish lane to take the win.


All fifteen cars started the main event but due to breakage and crash damage, only ten would finish. Justin Robideaux continued his dominance over the last half of the season and took his fourth win in a row, followed by Ken Iverson and Gil Rapp Jr. rounding out the top three. Go to our results page to see where the rest of the field finished. 


More race pics have been added to our photos page, check them out!!!

August 25, 2012


Twelve cars were at Stateline Speedway for our second to the last race of the year. Duncan Behar continued his string of bad luck the last couple years and threw a rod through the side of his block during hot laps, ending his night early.


Gil Rapp Jr.'s car was repaired after a crash at the last race resulted in major damage and his crew proved they knew what they were doing when they once again set fast time.


Will Krasselt won the dash followed by heat race wins from Clayton Wood and Ken Iverson.


Eleven cars started the main but only seven would finish. Early in the race, Ken Iverson and Jerry Myers tangled front wheels trying to avoid a car that was sideways in front of them. Myers got the worst end of the deal and retired to the pits with his front wheels pointing in opposite directions. After the re-start, Will Krasselt's car suffered from a leaking pan gasket, causing oil to get on the headers, creating smoke and resulting in a mechanical black flag. Several laps later, Shawn Priest also suffered from an oil leak but his was much more spectacular with a subsequent fire that resulted in a red flag and the emergency vehicles all on the track. Gil Rapp Jr. later left the track with mechanical problems of his own.


After the re-starts, Justin Robideaux eventually worked his way to the front with a series of clean passes and he started extending his lead. Meanwhile Ken Iverson took longer to work his way through traffic after being sent to the back after his earlier tangle. Iverson eventually worked his way into second place and was reeling Robideuax in toward the end of the race but ran out of laps.


After starting the year with five different winnners in the first five races, Robideaux has now won three in a row for his fourth overall main event win of 2012.


Be sure to check out the complete results and come see us at our last race of the year at Stateline Speedway on September 29, 2012!!!

July 28 and August 11, 2012


The results for the races at Ephreta Raceway Park on July 28, 2012 and Stateline Speedway on August 11, 2012 have been posted. More 2012 photos have been added. The #10 car has been listed in the for sale section. See you at the next race on August 25, 2012 at Stateline Speedway.

July 6th and 7th 2012


The Northwest Early Stocks were joined by seven members of the Old Time Racers Association of Canada and one from the Old Time Racers of Oregon for two great nights of racing at two different tracks, the Spokane County Super Oval and Stateline Speedway. The OTRA racers were George "The Jet" Jenson, Denis Morneau, Roger Beck, Kail Beck, James Miller, Joe Dardengo, and Dean Gill. Due to a conflicting race date, the lone OTRO racer to take on the challenge was Mike Batman of Roseburg Oregon.


Eighteen cars made it to the track for the first night's action. Unfortunately, Dean Gill and Gil Rapp Jr. suffered engine damage during practice. Gill was relegated to a support role but Rapp's uncle Rick gave up his seat in the #17 car for night so Rapp could still race.


Justin Robideaux set fast time then T.J. Burke took the B Trophy Dash win but after that, the guys from the OTRA flexed their muscles and dominated. Morneau took the A Dash, Dardengo took the B Heat and a young James Miller won the A heat then followed that up with a popular main event win.


For the second night's action the total number of cars was up to 22. Larry Todd, who's been busy with his Late Model this year and hasn't raced with us as much, brought out his car and showed he's still quick, setting fast time. 


Due to the number of cars the second night, there was three trophy dashes and three heat races. All three trophy dashes went to Idaho drivers with the A going to Larry Todd, the B to Will Krasselt and the C to Jerry Myers which was Myers first win since building a new car and joining the club last year so congratulations to him. 


In the heat races, Gil Rapp Sr. took the C heat and T.J. Burke took the B heat. George "The Jet" Jenson put a stop to the string of NWES racers winning, taking the A Heat race. Unfortunately, James Miller, trying to make a last lap pass, drove a little too hard, hitting the concrete retaining wall on the back stretch and as it always seems to do, the wall won. Miller was okay but his car was badly damaged and he was unable to continue.


For the main event, the front fifteen cars were inverted with the other six either missing the one second invert cut off for this race or asking to be placed at the rear. This made for very clean racing, however, there was still three early yellows due to an unassisted spin and two cars breaking that had to be cleared from the track. From there, it was close racing all around the track. Larry Todd eventually worked his way through traffic and to the front to take the checkered flag. The next four positions alternated between OTRA drivers and NWES drivers, with George "The Jet" Jenson in second, Justin Robideaux in third, Kail Beck in fourth and Will Krasselt rounding out the top five.


Thanks to everyone who helped make these two nights possible and ones to be remembered by all!!!!


Check out the complete results and videos taken of a couple of the dashes, a heat race and the main event on Saturday night.


Also, photos from the first couple races of the year are now online.


We will see you at our next race, Saturday July 28th, 2012 at Ephrata Raceway Park!!!


Don't miss our next two races, July 6th and 7th 2012, where we will be joined by the OTRA to put on two great nights of racing at two different tracks with the possiblity of as many as 25+ cars!!!!!!!!!!!

June 16, 2012


Eleven cars made it to the second of three races scheduled this year at the Spokane County Super Oval. There would have been at least thirteen cars but two drivers who planned to be there ran into trouble with car repairs and were unable to make it. 


Justin Robideaux started out the night by once again setting fast time in the #78 car then followed that up with A heat and A dash wins.


Bill Robideaux took the B dash win in Pinky and T.J. Burke was fast again to take the B heat checkers. 


Justin Robideaux was denied the chance to make it a clean sweep for the night when intermittent rain caused the rest of the nights events to be canceled before the main event could be ran.

June 2, 2012


Chances of racing on this day did not look good with gray skies and rain in the morning, however, the weather decided to cooperate and everything cleared up in time for the track to dry out, allowing us to have another great night of racing at Stateline Speedway.


Justin Robideaux started things off by setting fast time for the second race in a row.


Clayton Wood and Will Krasselt followed up with trophy dash wins.


Wood was able to repeat his trophy dash win when he took the B heat race and Gil Rapp Jr. took the lead on the first lap of the A heat race then never looked back to take the win.


In the twenty five lap main event, Wood led the field to the green flag and held on for the first six laps before giving way to Bill Robideaux, who then led for the next two laps. Ken Iverson worked his way through the pack and took over the lead on lap nine with Mike Robideaux right behind him. Iverson and Mike Robideaux were starting to pull away from the pack when the #01, driven by Shawn Priest, sprung a leak and left radiator fluid on the track which resulted in a short red flag clean up. One lap into the re-start, Bill Robideaux spun his car 360 degrees on the front stretch but was able to keep going and did not bring out the yellow flag. Iverson continued to lead the field and was pulling away from the pack with Mike Robideaux right behind him when a late race spin by Will Krasselt, who got some oil on his left rear tire from his own car, brought out the final caution. Iverson started to pull away on the re-start but Mike Robideaux reeled him then got under him on the back stretch during the final lap to take his much deserved first ever main event win!


Mike Robideaux was the third different winner in the three events run this year but he kept it all in the family with his son taking the first one and his nephew taking the second.


Be sure to visit our video page to see all the nights action and check out our in-car video page where three new videos have been added.


Also, make sure to add August 11, 2012 to your schedule as we have now have a race  that night at Stateline Speedway to make-up for the May 5th race that was canceled due to inclement weather.

May 18, 2012 


Nine cars traveled to Spokane County Raceway to challenge the the high banked, high speed, Super Oval and were greeted by great weather along with a large crowd.


Justin Robideaux, driving the #78 for the Mayers' this year, tried to make a clean sweep of the night. He was the fastest timing in, won the trophy dash after starting from the outside of the back row, then followed that up with a heat race win. However, mechanical gemlins in the main spelled an early end to his night and left the door wide open for others.


Mike Robideaux was leading the main event when Duncan Behar passed him on the outside of turn two just before he hit the outside retaining wall, sending him across the track, ending with a hard hit on an inside retaining wall. Behar was okay but it brought out a red flag. Will Krasselt and Gil Rapp Jr. were sent to the back of the pack as a result of spinning trying to avoid Behar.


Shawn Priest led the main event for a short time before giving way to T.J. Burke. Gil Rapp Jr. worked his way past Priest and was trying to pass Burke when they tangled, sending Rapp Jr. into the outside wall, ending his night and bringing out a second red flag. Burke was sent to the back for the restart and once again, Priest inherited the lead.


Over the final laps, Priest held off Krasselt then Burke to take the checkered flag, giving his car owner, grandfather, and patriarch of the Robideaux family, Jay Robideaux, who has likely been involved in racing longer than enyone else in the club has been alive, a much deserved win!!! 


Check out the complete results.  


Also, thanks to Ken Iverson who placed a camera in the #10 car and to Iverson's son Kirk who edited the videos from the heat race and main event then placed them on youtube for all to share. Go to the in-car video page to find it.


See you at the next race, June 2, 2012, at Stateline Speedway.

May 5, 2012


Racing at Stateline Speedway was canceled for the evening of May 5, 2012 due to inclement weather. Our next race is scheduled for Friday, May 18, 2012 at the Spokane County Super Oval. See you there!!

April 28, 2012


The Northwest Early Stocks kicked off the season with our first race of the year at Stateline Speedway by having thirteen cars in attendance. Two cars broke early in the evening but the eleven remaining cars had some memorable, close racing.


T.J. Burke snared the first trophy of the year, taking the B dash win and Gil Rapp Jr. followed it up with the A dash win.


Clayton Wood kept Burke out of the winners circle in the B heat by taking the win and Justin Robideux, driving the #78 for the Mayers, gave a preview of the main event when he took the A heat checkered flag.


In the main event, Robideaux won a six way battle for the lead to work his way to the front then proceeded to extend his lead for the win while the rest of the field continued to battle wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper for the entire race which went green from beginning to end. For complete results, click here. To watch the race, go to the videos page

For older news, please see our "news archives". 



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